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New version of VLookup released

Discussion created by Doug Staubach on Feb 24, 2016
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Hi folks:


I just wanted to let the FileMaker community know that I have released a new version of VLookup. (New version is v1.2)


Note: This is a custom function (CF), so you'll need a copy of FileMaker Advanced v12, v13 or v14 to use it. (Creating custom functions is very easy in FileMaker, especially when you have pre-tested source code. All you do in essence is "cut and paste" some text, and then you have a new function that you can use in formulas, calculated fields, and scripts.)


Syntax of this function is: VLookup ( LookupTableAndFieldName ; MatchingValueOrList ; ReturnFieldNames )


This function will appeal to people who want similar functionality to Excel's VLookup function. It is also an easy way to invoke the ExecuteSQL function within FileMaker, without having to learn SQL statements. (ExecuteSQL is very powerful, but there is a learning curve, and the error messages are not user friendly - in fact, they can be quite cryptic.)

Because the VLookup function uses FMSQL under the hood, it allows the user to easily perform instant "conditional" lookup queries to find values in tables. Even better, those tables do NOT need be related to the current layout or table (works with or without a table relationship). This function is easier to use than ExecuteSQL, and it works with all tablenames and filenames; even if they contain spaces or periods.

Free source code, usage notes and examples can be found here =>


This is my contribution to the community. - Let me know if you find it useful.



Doug Staubach