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Filemaker Server "Push" with minimal bandwidth?

Question asked by ahagen on Feb 24, 2016

Hello all:


  I have just built a solution in Filemaker Pro 14 for my company that I'm hoping to upload to a soon-to-be-purchased Filemaker Server and share with 15 clients.  Each client is aboard a vessel that operates in the Great Lakes so internet bandwidth isn't too plentiful and there are sporadic outages in remote areas.  As a result of these challenges, I would like to install a FMP license on each ship, one in my office, the SERVER in my office and have everybody with a login.  I would also like each workstation to possess a full copy of my database that would receive "PUSH" updates from the Server when they were online.  When the internet is not performing, I would like each station to be able to still function (albeit with slightly outdated data).  Each workstation has VERY minimal data entry (just one notes field that is shared among the users).


Ok.  How do I do this or where can I go to get this functionality?