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    Copying multiple fields


      Newbie here. I have to make a solution that will end up looking like a excel table.

      It will have hundreds, if not thousands of fields where I will need to enter in numbers. I think the easiest way to enter in the numbers will be drop down list.

      Making each field separately in the table would take a very long time. Is there any way that I can make the first field, and then copy all if its parameters across the rest of the table?

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          Excel does function differently even though FM table view resembles a spreadsheet. I am not sure what about Excel you need to replicate. A database table is not exactly like a spreadsheet. Can you give some example of what you are trying to actually do.


          There are ways to duplicate things to an extent, but not knowing what you want makes it tough to give advice.

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            This Filemaker solution is for taking inventory, and will be made up of many tabs. Each tab will be a different store section. One tab might look like this;


            dropdown boxes.png



            Each box (field) inside the red square are drop down boxes which contain the numbers 1 through 30.


            Where it says Product A would be product A's SKU number. You would count how many are in dept 1, dept 2, dept 3, etc. and put the total in the "Total" field. The POS field is what the stores database says the total should be. If the numbers are different then there might be a theft or a misplaced item. We do each product twice a day, and there are thousands of products. Would like to make the process as quick and easy as possible. Thanks.

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              In this case I would use either a Portal in Form View or List View.


              This essentially lets you create each field only one time and the dropdowns will only need to be created once. No need for tabs in FM, but you can use them. What are the tabs for?


              The Total can be calculated, of course.

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                THANK YOU bigtom for all of your help. I really appreciate it


                I will look up what portals are start learning how to use them.


                The tabs are for each product category.


                There are so many that all of the fields wouldn't appear on the iPad screen otherwise.

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                  You can filter the portal or fetch a new found set for list view using a dropdown selector. I do not think tabs are a good idea in this case but if you like them.


                  Another question. Why does it need to look like Excel? FM has so many great tools for great display of data. Why waste that?

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                    It doesn't need to look like excel, but the original form that we use was done in excel. We print it out and write in the numbers in the fields. I don't know of any better way to display inventory data.

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                      So you are moving from paper to iPad?

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                        Yes, trying to.

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                          There is a limit of 30 units per department and that is why you want to use a dropdown?

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                            No I'm using a drop down for the fields because we're using our fingers to select the fields, and a drop down would be easier and quicker than using the keyboard to enter in the numbers.

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                              With FM you can specify a 10key number keyboard. There are also other cool things like PopOvers that can sometime help with clean data entry and keep the user from making mistakes.


                              The end results can be printed in a nice report. You may want to consider this data model. Although Category could just be a field on the product table, it may be faster to work with it as a parent table.

                              Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 11.21.08 AM.png

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                                You can also track which users did the counting. Lots of things are possible.


                                If you need any further help send me a message.