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    Store files - high number amount





      Store old excel files with older Pre-invoicing excel files as a libary.

      18 units, 1 file each month, started from 2012.



      As you can imagine there is loads of files. I have build up so far with Panels:


      Now its time to create all the containers.. as i used above is Containers (i havent created them yet just 1 to build with). but isnt there another way ?

      (lines and dots will ofc be removed). Am not that interested in using plugins, but if i dont have any other options i will do it.


      Do anyone have any good suggestion ?

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          From the quantity standpoint it is only around 1000 records and growing at 216 a year so that is not a big deal. How big are the Excel files? Why so many slide panels? iOS?


          If it were me I would use something like global containers or relationships to show the proper data set as you use the endless slide control FileMaker Tip: Perpetual slide control |

          Lots of examples out there this is just one.


          You would need a layout for adding new documents in the containers and selecting  a date. You can calculate the containers in your 12 container layout so only the ones from that year show up.


          Maybe the better question is why aren't you just importing the files in as FM records or using FM to collect data to start with? Export XLS when you need it.

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            Hi Bigtom


            This is at the end going to be a web accessed part. (So the finance directors can them selfs go in and check there own part) since they dont have the client installed. and we dont use Mac at all so only Windows.


            "Maybe the better question is why aren't you just importing the files in as FM records or using FM to collect data to start with? Export XLS when you need it."



            Hmm why didnt i think about that.... =) how more exacly are you thinking ? a table with the variables Date, Unit and container (for the file) and just use a portal to show what they ask for.. shown in a portal ?

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              Once you have the files, dates and units in one table you can do all sorts of ways to display it. Slider, portal, global field layout, list view with sub summary and so on.


              If you want to eventually end up with a usable web app for remote finance directors are you planning on using Web Direct? If so you may just want to import all the xls files as FileMaker records. This means having a table with all the same fields as the spreadsheet. So instead of document management it becomes the actual solution where data is entered directly into FM web app and no more xls files needed. Either way you can also restrict each director to viewing only their assigned data.


              Just come up with a naming convention for the files and save them in sub folders of the documents folder with  external open storage containers and have FMS import the data.


              If you are not ready for that just yet keep it in mind at least. You can then use FM for dealing with all the data. Maybe you were looking at the imports manually once you have the files.

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                Thats what i have build up on the side. But previus years there have been different persons that have created these, so they all look different :/ Thats why am kind of starting of on a new step of building it up so all can use it and its all looking the same..

                But this section am doing now is the historical files that are just a big mess. I am going to use some "totals" so i can build up statistics etc.. but i will not import all data from all the old excel files. its way to big mess..


                But thank you for breaking the idee to me about basicly creating a new table and how to use them after. going to be much easier then what i first was planing. =)

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                  Sounds like you are on a good path then.


                  One correction for my previous post is sub folders of the database file folder not the documents folder.


                  But if the files over the years are different it will take a little manual work to get all the past stuff moved in.

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                    I know this is a little off point, but I hope it helps with your project.


                    When I start a project where I have a large degree of variances in how the same data was stored I do something like this:


                    • Create a list of all fields across all of the excel files
                    • Add a column in each excel sheet that I create a unique key inside of
                      • IE SE-3875-2012-001
                    • In this case I would also add the year and the month if that is how the files are classified.
                    • I would then create a new FileMaker file that contains only those fields gathered in the first step and then a unique id field and the month and year.
                    • Then I would import all of the excel files into their matching fields and evaluate the data that way.
                    • I would then work on how you want to normalize the data and create scripts and/or calculation fields to perform the task
                    • After that is done I would then import the normalized data into the solution you are working on.


                    I hope that helps some at least! Have a fantastic day.


                    Also another note, March is spelled Marsh on your screen capture.

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                      Thank you for your imput.. =) The idee have crossed my mind already, to build it all togather. =)

                      This is only an side project while i handle the finance part. So i dont know yeat how big i have time to make it =) its all up to me =)


                      Thanks for the specc correction. i am going to delete the hole layout almost anyway.. and i know my spelling is terrible =D always been.. =)


                      Thank and enjoy the weekend..