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Trouble with using "find" on fields with auto enter Filter ( ) applied

Question asked by simonpsmith on Feb 26, 2016
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I am having an issue using "find" in my layouts.


I have an auto enter calculation set up on telephone number fields as people tend to have their own way of 'seeing' how a number should be written, and I want to avoid this. So I have applied the calculation "Filter (Self;"0123456789")" to my telephone number fields so that if someone enters "020 8123 4567" or "0208 123 4567" or "02081 234 567" it will always show as simply "02081234567".


I did this because I found searching telephone numbers did not work previously. If I'd searched for "020" then it would find all London numbers, but if I searched for "0208" then only numbers entered with those four digits 'touching' would be found (and not those entered as " 020 8").


Not knowing a better way of ignoring the entered spaces I thought Filter () would be the solution.


I now find that, even though the field entries do not have spaces anywhere, I cannot search them without getting "No records match this find criteria" error, UNLESS I search in a particular, and pointless, way.


For 02081234567 I can get a result searching for 0 or 02 or 020, or 0208 etc, but if the search was 208 I get the error message. It seems it's only reading from left to right and not within the field.


Can anyone help please??