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Object not found applescript

Question asked by lauriehughes on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2016 by lauriehughes

I am trying to use applescript with filemaker pro and I am stuck on something that should be quite simple.

I just want to set a variable to the data in a cell.



tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced"

    tell document "test"


        go to layout "testlayout"

        set var_ to cell "Duration"



    end tell

end tell


I Definitely have a field named "Duration"

The script goes to the layout, but then gives me an error

"error "FileMaker Pro Advanced got an error: Object not found." number -1728 from cell "Duration" of document "test"


Its odd.

I have tried to access the data of other fields and some work and others dont.

Also if I repeat thru the records in the layout of fields that do work I get thru some of the records but then fail on a particular record.

Im lost

Please help