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    created PDF store in container field?




      is it possible to create a PDF file and store this automatically in a container field?


      I need this function for a contract database.


      F.e. I create a contract for Member1. When i push the print trigger, the printer will print the contract and create a pdf to store this version by the Member1. When i have modifications in the contract i create a new one, print it and store this as a new container field.


      So i have all versions that the member1 received in a archive.


      Many thanks


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          If you use a $varFilePath to create the PDF, it can be used to also "read" (and Insert into Container field).


          I do this for a client that want's a PDF of a test form to "archive" as historical document.


          You should always use a variable for filepath (include directories as calculated path in the Set Variable). This can be used so many way, including the container and as attachment in emails.


          If you use the Get (TemporaryPath)

          Get(TemporaryPath) function in FileMaker Pro | FileMaker

          then you need to use it in the same script as it's deleted when FMP is stopped.


          Also study the use of variables and file paths if this is on the Server (scheduled or PSoS).