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Entries out of sync...Filemaker Pro 13

Question asked by stilbiteman on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by mardikennedy

I have FileMaker Pro 13 and I created a database of Mineral Specimens and presented a form in the program not long after I bought the program a year or two ago. I filled in each entry in the form I created and eventually this reached 2387 records [02387 on my specimen number field on each form]. I should add I am no expert but I was very happy with the program and was using it within my knowledge and skills and found it excellent.


I can remember creating each entry… I added a new entry by clicking on the “New” field the record number on FileMaker Pro 13 always created the file that was the same number as the record. I had not looked at the program for a while and then recently I decided to add more records but was surprised that when I went to create the next record after 02387 by clicking on “New” it jumped to 02389 and seemed to omit 02388 for some reason. Unfortunately in my attempts to sort it I have made things worse by deleting some blank records between 02389 and now 02395?


This never happened before and each time I clicked “New” the program created the next number that complied with the number on the form. I am now in a situation that I have 2388 records but this specimen form is numbered 2395?


What have I done wrong and how can I correct it? I can keep changing the number when I create a record but this will be OK till I “forget” to do it and then everything will be out of sync.


I look forward to any help with this problem that I presume I have created for myself.


David Anderson