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    How to make data available via web?


      I manage a mentor program and I would like to make that information available online. I want viewers to be able to align with willing mentors by being able to search certain fields, and view the information in a more user friendly way than, for example, and excel doc. In reality, it is a very small database but it could be extremely functional and useful if it were available online.


      Ideally, access could also be somehow restricted.


      How does/can Filemaker do this? I am currently using FMP 12 for windows.

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          check this link and download the documents necessary. You must have static IP/domain. for internal or external access.

          Instant Web Publishing with FileMaker 12 | FileMaker



          And also check out the security settings for IWP:

          Protecting databases

          & associated links


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            The other alternative is you can integrate that data into any website with "Custom web publishing" and the PHP API.  You need someone that knows how to program in PHP and HTML to make that.  And your file also needs to be uploaded to a server running Filemaker Server.

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              How do you want access restricted? Does the database need to be interactive? Can you work with data display only and an email system? Are you running FMS12 or FMSA12 or just FMP12? How many users do you have or expect?

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                Hi Peter,


                I would like to join this discussion, and there are som very good options. But before saying to much I would like to know a little:

                • How many guests will your info system about mentors have at one time, maximum?
                • How many mentors would you like to have in your database and show at once?
                • Other complexities ... please explain a little bit more about the demands for the web solution.


                I may end up trying to describe a solution using Custom Web Publishing with PHP/HTML/JavaScript/CSS, but would like to understand if WebDirect is a realistic choice before going to far.


                Best regards



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                  Data stored in a FileMaker Pro database certainly can be published to the Web, either statically (say, by exporting to an html table) or dynamically and/or interactively (so users in a web browser can search for records and/or edit them). But you have a bunch of options here. Note: Whether FileMaker is the best option for your particular situation will depend on info I don't have.


                  FileMaker CWP

                  A FileMaker custom web publishing solution would keep your data in a FileMaker database, but use php to display the data in web pages online. For a site with low to moderate traffic, this can be a good solution. But in addition to hosting costs, it requires programming and web design expertise and this will cost you $$ or $$$.

                  FileMaker WebDirect

                  If the database will have very low traffic, you may be able to do it using FileMaker WebDirect. You'd want to upgrade to FileMaker Pro 14, you'd need to enable sharing via WebDirect in the file and host the file on FileMaker Server. You could do this yourself or 'rent' hosting from a service like FMPHost.com that supports WebDirect. Number of caveats about WebDirect:

                  1. It's good only for very low traffic situations.
                  2. You'll need to review the design of the database thoroughly in FileMaker Pro 14 to make sure that everything is compatible with WebDirect and then you'll need to test your database online to find out what you overlooked.

                  WebDirect is a brilliant technical achievement. It's amazing that it works at all, let alone that it works as well as it does. But "as well as it does" is not the same thing as "well."


                  Depending entirely on the nature of your data and what you need to do with it, there are a number of options that don't involve FileMaker Pro at all. To mention just one, you might for example want to look at Airtable. (Overview here.) Airtable is practically a mirror image of FileMaker WebDirect, in that the strengths of one are the weaknesses of the other and vice versa. FileMaker WebDirect gives you attractive, customizable layouts with buttons that trigger scripts, etc. It just doesn't work terribly well. On the other hand, Airtable gives almost nothing in the way of customization or (unless you want to get into its API) scriptability. But it's easy to set up, works remarkably well — and might cost you nothing.

                  Good luck.

                  Will Porter

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                    thank you all for the suggestions; I need to try a couple and see what is the best fit


                    I anticipate usage to be low, but I have approximately 150 students who may want to access this information. The database itself houses 25-30 records, so very small.

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                      Hi Peter,


                      Out of curiosity, which solution did you end up going with?

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                        trying (slowly!) Airtable...thanks again for the suggestions