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    UPDATE PRICE on detail_table INVOICE


      Hi all, excuse my bad english.

      I have a table BOOKS,  a table INVOICE and of course a table DETAILS_INVOICE (and other tables...)

      In table DETAILS the field PRICE is a looked-up value (in auto enter tab)  from table BOOKS. Everything works fine, but...

      Problem is that when the INVOICE is made, when I update de PRICE in PRODUCT table, and I come back in INVOICE, the PRICE value in DETAILS_INVOICE does not update. How to resolve this problem?

      Thanks in advance.


      Screenshot 2016-02-25 23.21.45.png

      Screenshot 2016-02-25 23.12.24.png

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          Good day Angelo. This is intended behaviour; the price in your Details table (set via Look-up) is that which was current at the time the Detail record was created—in other words, at the time of that particular sale. The logic is that if at the time of that sale the price of the item was €10.00 and then it was subsequently increased to €12.00, you would not want that price increase to alter the value of all past sales at the old price. Of course, if you INTEND the new price to be reflected in past Invoices you can always force this to happen by performing a Relook-up; just make sure you understand it before you do.

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            Uhmmmm it's true.  I get it.

            My problem  is that those are quote, and I need to have updated price until the approval of the customer.

            how to re-look the updated price? With button and script? Or is there an automatic procedure?


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              The logic I would use is that a quote is a quote and an invoice is an invoice. When I quote, the time price is €10.00—and my quote specifies that prices are subject to change(or remain for xx days, or whatever you decide), but by the time the quote becomes a sale the price has changed to €12.00, so that is what is charged. Thus both the quote and the invoice use the price that was current at the time each was written.

              Be that as it may, if you really to want to rewrite what was originally written, then you need to perform a relookup. Read how to do that in your FM help, then if you still don't get it ask for further help here.

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                I've read FM HELP.

                When I try with command menu  Relookup Field Contents, I've this error.   (doesn't  exist fields that refer to values based on the field " PrezzoLookup ")


                Screenshot 2016-02-26 06.18.14.png