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Filtered Portal hangs on Boolean Logic

Question asked by twelvetens on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by twelvetens

I've got a filtered portal on a layout.


The table at the "other end" of the portal has a calc field in to derive a boolean outcome to determine whether or not the entry should show up in the portal:


Let (


fsd = DailyComparisons::zg_ComparisonStartDate ;

fed = DailyComparisons::zg_ComparisonEndDate ;

fsku = Globals_Filter::zg_StockSKUFilter ;

fbec = Globals_Filter::zg_OnlyShowChangedBreakevenItems ;


sku = DailyComparisons::M2YSKU;

cd = DailyComparisons::Date_Comparison ;

bec = DailyComparisons::zc_BreakevenChange ;


dates =

  (IsEmpty ( fsd ) and IsEmpty ( fed ) )


  (cd ≥ fsd and cd ≤ fed ) ;


breaks =

  IsEmpty ( fbec )


  bec = 1 ;


skus =

  IsEmpty ( fsku )


  PatternCount ( sku ; fsku )






dates and breaks and skus

//Close Let




When I configure the portal to be Unfiltered, yet show the above field in each row, as I modify the global fields that drive the above calc, the calculations in each row show up exactly as I want them to, e.g showing a 1 for rows to display, and a 0 for rows I wish to hide.


However, when I then configure the portal to filter, based upon the value in the above calc, I just get a spinning beach ball. It doesn't appear to ever actually crash, it just seems to hang forever.


I've patched up to 14.0.5 as I know that patch seems to fix the v14.0.x crashing on sorted portals issue, but still no joy.

File is hosted on Windows Server, I'm running on OSX 10.11.2


Is there any reason why the logic that drives the calc I've done should be unsuitable for the portal filtering criteria?