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Add new value to list from field?

Question asked by 1G2L on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by 1G2L

I am new to FileMaker and am making edits to a database that was created by someone else--I am teaching myself how to use the program and am having trouble with something that I imagine is very simple.

My record has two fields: "Type" and "Item." (see first screenshot). When a selection is made in "Type" different values show up in "Item." I want to add a new value to the Item field, which is "sourced" from the "Type" field. When I find the value list for Item (Names Function IIA, see second screenshot) in the Value List Name section of the "Mange Value Lists" dialogue window, and click "edit", I do not see a way to edit the values. I do see the radio button for "Use values from field:" selected, and the name of the field (VR F Menu::Item) where the values come from (see third attachment).


Then, I tried going to the Fields tab of the "Manage Database" dialogue box. From there, I select the correct Table and then click on the Field Name that I am trying to edit. The "change" box is greyed out so I cannot select it (see fourth screenshot). When I click "Options" I do not see a way to change the text of the values pulled up by the field.


Is there any way to add a new value to a value list that is sourced from a field? Or am I not looking in the right place at all? I still don't know the program that well and am not even sure if I'm using the right terms, as I can't find anything else about this on the Help forums or a general web search. Thank you for your help!!