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    Add new value to list from field?


      I am new to FileMaker and am making edits to a database that was created by someone else--I am teaching myself how to use the program and am having trouble with something that I imagine is very simple.

      My record has two fields: "Type" and "Item." (see first screenshot). When a selection is made in "Type" different values show up in "Item." I want to add a new value to the Item field, which is "sourced" from the "Type" field. When I find the value list for Item (Names Function IIA, see second screenshot) in the Value List Name section of the "Mange Value Lists" dialogue window, and click "edit", I do not see a way to edit the values. I do see the radio button for "Use values from field:" selected, and the name of the field (VR F Menu::Item) where the values come from (see third attachment).


      Then, I tried going to the Fields tab of the "Manage Database" dialogue box. From there, I select the correct Table and then click on the Field Name that I am trying to edit. The "change" box is greyed out so I cannot select it (see fourth screenshot). When I click "Options" I do not see a way to change the text of the values pulled up by the field.


      Is there any way to add a new value to a value list that is sourced from a field? Or am I not looking in the right place at all? I still don't know the program that well and am not even sure if I'm using the right terms, as I can't find anything else about this on the Help forums or a general web search. Thank you for your help!!

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          The values are coming from the VR F Menu table.  You need to go to a layout from this table and add a new record for the item you want to add.

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            Thanks for your quick response! Here's where my understanding of the program falls apart... the data is not actually entered on the VR F Menu layout (by that I mean, someone doing data entry doesn't go to that layout ever). When I click over to that layout and go to edit the field, I see the same menus as before and I cannot edit (and in fact the Data box defaults to thinking the control style is an Edit box, when in fact it should be a drop-down menu as it is on the data entry layout). Am I looking in the right place?


            Thanks again for your help!Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 12.35.37 PM.png

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              Rgordon's response is correct.


              I think it is just understanding the mechanics of how the value list works. The VR F Menu is used to 'make' your drop down lists. You need to go to (or be in) the actual table occurrence for VR F Menu - in browse mode - to make any changes e.g. adding new Types or Items or Flavour.


              Looking at your image it looks like VR F Menu is used to make up your value list. It might better to view the records using browse mode in table view and select all records. Select the record that most closely matches what you need to add, duplicate it and then edit the required fields to what you want.


              If you ever need to add a new Type you do the same thing but might use create a new record instead and then type in your new Type/Item/Flavor combinations. Spelling in all cases is important.


              Hope this makes sense. And yes it is really simple per your first sentence!

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                Thanks for your response! That helped and I was able to do what I needed. Thank you so much!!

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                  Max, thanks for adding more clarity to this issue.  I think part of the confusion is there are multiple ways to create value lists.  You can use custom values were you basically hardwire the values.  To edit these values you can do it by editing the value list with the Manage Value List option or you can check the Edit Value list option in the inspector.  Your value list is not this type.  Your value list is based on the data entered in a related field.  Each record you create contributes the value you entered into the field to the value list.  If you view the VR F Menu layout in table view it will make more sense how the values are created.

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                    That's exactly right--I had previously only been creating custom value

                    lists. Further complicating the issue was that the layout (VR F Menu) that

                    I needed to look at was not on the default drop-down list of Layouts in

                    Browse mode, so I had to access it through File-Manage-Layouts (which I

                    hadn't looked at before). Once I got there it was clear how to add a new

                    record and make the correct change. Thanks again for the help!