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    Make calculated value act like field name


      I want to create a batch testing script and test 300+ fields. So, in this example, I will be testing how the data in field calc::avg_vol is performing, so I will try to replace field contents from field calc::avg_vol to calc::temp_field. I don't want to write a Replace Field Contents script for each of 300+ fields. Instead, I came across with such an idea:


      Put field names into separate field and then put it to a variable, like this:

      1) Go to Layout (Fields)

      2) Set variable ($Name; fields::name) (e.g. calc::avg_vol)

      3) Go to Layout (calc)

      4) Replace Field Contents (calc::temp_field; $Field)


      But the problem here is that it treats "calc::avg_vol" like a text instead of putting actual data from calc::avg_vol, it just prints "calc::avg_vol" text.


      So how could I get the contents of calc::avg_vol to calc::temp_field? (I want this as scripted or as automatic as possible, because any manual intervention slows the whole process down)