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Complex join / portal, is this even possible?

Question asked by jasonDDS on Feb 26, 2016
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I am fairly new to filemaker, but have lots of development experience otherwise. The first issue I ran into which was frustrating was not being able to create a "Circular" reference. I have the following table layout:




So the scope of what I need done. You enter a company layout, then choose a building, then choose / create a new inspection. Once on the inspection layout. I want to list all of the dampers that are assigned to the building that the inspection is for. So On my inspections layout I have a portal that links to the dampers. (This is because I do not want the client to have to add the dampers to each new inspection as they are done semi-regularly). Ideally, from I wanted to link inspection_dampers to dampers but this isn't allowed as it creates a loop. Instead I had to create a separate TO for dampers 2. So in my portal when I pull in my dampers it has no reference to the damper_id  inside of inspection_dampers and is only returning the first record for each damper.


Here is my portal layout:



The only way I can think of off the top of my head to get around this is to create an inspection_dampers record for each damper when the inspection record is created, but that will mean if they add a damper after the fact I have to add functionality to add that damper to the inspection.


Any thoughts or advice, do I need to rework my thinking on this project?