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import pdf into container does not work

Question asked by szeigen on Feb 27, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by user19752

Here we go again. Dragging a PDF into an interactive container field set to external storage using FileMaker Server 14 fails to show the PDF in the container field. The error displayed on both W7 and W8.1 PCs using FMP13 or 13A, with Acrobat reader properly installed with IE is...


Cannot find the server at http:/* (or something like that) with no IP address mentioned (we use static IP address on all computer and server of course and all are hard wired).


BUT ... here is the good one ... I can export the contents of that same container field and then view it with a Web viewer on the SAME layout. This means that the webkit (per TSGal's terminology) is functioning properly!


This completely inconsistent behavior is extremely bothersome and worrisome especially if Filemaker ever expects this function is be used in the medical or other professional environment where stored documents are an issue!


Hopefully, someone else has had that problem and has a solution!


Scott Zeigen MD

medDB, LLC