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How do I identify only records that were added during an update import?

Question asked by rigger on Feb 27, 2016
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I need a way to identify just the records that were added during a FileMaker 14 update import.


Let's say I have 100 items in a quote template. The user deletes 3 items, leaving 97. He decides that he needs those 3 items back, so he imports that category from the price list back into the template, but he wants only the 3 new items flagged so he can easily find them to update the quantities.


The category import updates all matching records in found set based on Product ID (updating things like price), and the box is checked for Add remaining data as new records.


After the import, the found set contains all 100 records that were updated (97 updated records and 3 new records). Is there any easy way for me to identify just the 3 new records that were added? I'm having a brain freeze on this.


Bonus if your method is multi-user friendly.