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linking multiple client names to email template via script calculations

Question asked by arnojansen1 on Feb 27, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by arnojansen1

Hi I am filemaker pro advanced 14 user on Mac.


I have created a table with Customers (customers have primary key and one and the same _kf_DosierNumber to link them to Dosier and

Dosier, (_kp_DosierNumber ) One Dosier can have multiple customer (linked via keys)

and a table with a travel itinerary. One travel itinerary can have more than one customer and are linked via _kf_foreignkeys. Using DosierNumber


All that works fine. i can select the Dosier number with many clients in my itinerary and bring it in a portal.


I have an email that prepares all details to a hotel. what i am looking for is how do i link two or more customer names to an email via a calculation. it is currently only picking up the first name.


Extract of send email options via outlook using calculations:


Client Dosier::_kp_DosierNumber&

Clients::Title &" "& Clients::Customer first name &" "& Clients::Customer last name &"¶¶"&


The client dosier does pick up the number, but the last sentence only picks up the first name of the dossier. i probably need a bit of coding here using a loop?


Your help is appreciated.