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Intermittent SMTP Email Errors

Question asked by klasicecream on Feb 26, 2016
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Hi all,


Longtime lurker, finally made an account as I have an issue that I cannot seem to solve. I am looking forward to joining the community! I am relatively new to Filemaker development, mostly managing my organization's solution.


I am trying to switch our email scripts from "Send via Email Client" to "Send via SMTP Server", to reduce busywork for my colleagues. I have it running as a test on one of our scripts, and while it works sometimes, occasionally I get error 1506 and half of a batch (or more) simply doesn't send.


In this last instance a colleague tried to send an email to a batch of 33 clients. It sent successfully to the first 9 records, and then the last 24 all received Error 1506 (Emails not sent successfullly). I checked the SMTP logs and there is no mention of a FM connnection past the 9th client - it's as if FM lost connectivity to postfix and was not able to process any further emails. The question is, why? It's extremely difficult to diagnose this without any information in the logs, or anything in Filemaker other than the useless Error 1506.


I've attached the section of the script that sends the email for your perusal - the "Pause 5 seconds" was added in because in an earlier attempt to solve this issue, we saw from the logs that we had received a vacation autoresponse on one of the emails, and the next two records encountered errors. We thought that perhaps giving FM some time in between sending would help increase the likelihood of a successful send.


Might anyone know: Does FMS attempt to authenticate before sending each message or does it work on a batch basis? Given the looping nature of the script I'm inclined to say that it authenticates before sending each message but I'm not 100% sure.


Any insight you might have would be extremely appreciated!


A few notes...

- We have an email validation script running that checks all of the emails before sending, so we know that there is not an issue with the email addresses of those not sending. In this case I also visually inspected the email addresses and saw nothing of note. We've sent to them in the past out of Mac Mail without issue.

- We are using our in-house OS X server for email and do not have any other issues with it.

- We are running FMS 13 on Mac OS X Server.


Many thanks,