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Searching a different database?

Question asked by on Feb 26, 2016
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At my workplace, we use FM Pro 11 and and Pro 11 Advanced. We have multiple archive databases, one for each year. For the most part, we only actively use the current year's database. Merging the archive databases with our current one isn't a good solution for us, for a number of reasons.

That said, we often need to find information stored in older databases (99% of the time it's the previous year's database), and it would be amazing if we could easily search from within our current year's database. As an example, if I'm looking at someone's current record, but they didn't get a picture taken this year, and I need to print them an ID card, it would be amazing if I could push a button that can find the image path field in their record within the previous school year's database, and then insert it into the same field in their record within the current year's database. Et voilà!


My boss says we could probably add the other database files as "external data sources," and then call scripts inside them? He has a lot of experience with filemaker scripting, but I've only been at it for about two months, so this is all new to me. This is my latest "learning assignment." Can anyone give me a hand? Thanks!!