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Is there a way to tell if a container field was inserted using "insert PDF" via script/find?

Question asked by LSNOVER on Feb 26, 2016
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Hi Folks:


I am stuck.  I have a database of 330,000+ PDF documents.   They were initially imported using Import from Folder, which was nice and fast, but they don't work as interactive PDFs in the interactive container fields.


I wrote a procedure to export and then reimport them one by one so they would come in as PDFs.  For some reason, some still refuse to behave in an "interactive" way, but when I manually save and reimport they seem to work.


So, my question is, how can I find these non-functioning PDFs vs. the functioning PDFs?  There's no way I can look at all 330,000 records one at a time.  I can not find any distinguishing factor to pull them out.   Anyone have any ideas?


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