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Does Filemaker use FM in their own sales process?

Question asked by pjdm on Feb 27, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by TSPigeon

OK, so maybe this is rhetorical and it is used but my recent experience makes me wonder why the process isn't seamless, fast and working all 24h.


Short History: new developer, did the trial, contacted Sales, advised my project, told the FM 14 Pro would be sufficient.  Bought. Done, quick and I got the 2-for-1 and use both keys.


Yesterday (Friday afternoon) I wrote customer support and said that I am using a solution with lots of scripts and debugging is almost impossible (for example, the starter solution invoice where buttons call popover call scripts, return, call itself).   I told them I simply relied on FM's advice.  Support was very quick, offered a discounted upgrade price and I think that was about as good as I am going to get so I called the support number right away so I could work this weekend.


I have a case number, a price, a prior sales receipt and price and keys.  Obviously all this is recorded so just hit the button and upgrade me and auto-send my new keys.  How hard can it be?


I reach Support somewhere in Kentucky.  They have to go back to Sales to confirm my currency is OK to use (not-US).  That was fast.  Then, I asked if this upgrade will apply to both my 2-for-1 keys and the machine stops.   That becomes a Santa Clara head office call and they are probably gone Friday afternoon.  OK, give me one key and I'll get moving and call Santa Clara myself on Monday.


Nope, even if I take your payment the Santa Clara people must "process" the order and you can't get an upgrade key until Monday at earliest. Are you serious? Bye.


OK, so, what company in today's world can't take money 24h and what company can't give a key to an existing user?  I mean if this is really a FM app then there isn't a lot to do.  Take the money, hit the button, issue the key, update my records.  If someone in California has to approve the $200 "deal" OMG send it their iphone while they are on the beach or whatever.


Really, if this was my 3-decade old company nobody would ever say "no" to taking money and you would never ever say "no" to a customer. I would have a button on my FM app to take the dough and send the key. Give them the upgrade and move on and let someone sort it out when they get back from their weekend.  Sheer nonsense in a connected world to involve 3 people in three offices and still not get anything back.  That is a waste of resources and exactly what FM software is supposed to avoid.


Do you really think that the sales and upgrade process is on a FM app when it takes 3 people in three locations to decide whether to process a few hundred dollar upgrade and then only during business hours and only if you start well before 5pm?  I think not.  It sounds very old school and very 70s/80s corporate philosophy to me.