Compare 3 copies of same database

Discussion created by MacDevGuy on Feb 28, 2016
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I was given three copies of the same database. Each was used by a different person. Last year I added Timestamps for Created and Modified knowing the database might fall into my lap for fixes. Since that time the three copies have been modified. There are less than 100 in one and just under 200 in the other. What's the best way for me to get all the information into one file?


I did not create the file and there are no primary keys so that's not an available match field. I also suspect I will need to compare created/modified timestamps to try and figure out which one has the correct data.


One idea I had was to create 2 additional tables and make a layout with all fields from each of the databases in 3 columns and compare them. Or I could do a list view with the 2nd and 3rd databases displayed using portals of each of all the fields lined up under their field names so I could view each record and look for exceptions, then compare the created/modified timestamps to see if I can figure out the most likely valid information. I am thinking there's an easier way to do this though.


Another idea was taking one copy and setting it up with FMS and using one of the sync plug-ins to sync each with the so called "master" file.


Going forward I will need to find a workable solution to maintaining the integrity but for now I need an accurate data set to work with before I attempt to either serve out the file or use a sync plug-in


Any help is appreciated.