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stuck on a script - If statement not working

Question asked by Stigge on Feb 29, 2016
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The whole script works.. its just that i have an If that somehow doesnt skip code in a loop. even that it should work..


The If is following:


    Sets the $Teranga variable from a valuelist.

    If [$Teranga <> "3875" or $Teranga <> "4129" or $Teranga <> "5367" or $Teranga <> "5921"]

        runs code

    End if

End Loop



There is ofcouse code that sets the $Teranga variable etc. and it works.. only thing that dont work is that it doesnt skip the specific Terangas listed. I have used the ≠ operator aswell.. still runs it anyway.. :/

Dont think you need to see the whole script, but if you do let me know and i somehow paste it.


what have i missed =(