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Changing Styles via scripts

Question asked by ndveitch on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by bertrand

I was wondering if it is possible to update Styles via scripts? I am trying to build our own in-house application to be used as a template going forward for our clients and with regards to Styles, is there a way to update them using scripts?


I have an idea to create a Preferences Layout that has all the styles that the program use listed on them, then the idea would be, should the client want to change for example, the colour of "New Record" button that they have in their program, all they would have to do is go to the Preferences Layout and update the Button - New Record to the style they want, hit save and then their solution would be updated to the new style.


I have briefly gone over some of the documentation regarding Styles and didn't see anything about this. If it is possible, how would I go about doing this?