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    Font displaying wrong characters in FMP10


      I have a very old font - BellBottom - which I have used since the 1990s.


      I've just checked a layout it's used in (layout text, not record text) in FMP10, and the word it's supposed to form is a totally different thing altogether. The word should begin "WUR" but it displays "fda", though the actual font used is correct.


      In FMP6 it's correct. In TextEdit it's correct. (Upper and lower case). If I change to a different font in FMP10 it's correct.


      If I use BellBottom for record text in FMP10, it's wrong. The same wrong characters occur consistently, in other words W is always f etc.


      What on earth is wrong here?

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          Here is a visual display of what I'm talking about (if it makes things clearer..)


          Font problem FMP.jpg


          (Please note - I saw one discussion in the Apple forums that said to try deleting the FMP cache; this was a reply to someone who had a related problem but was using Lion. However, I've searched everywhere, and there isn't a FileMaker cache in Snow Leopard, so that's out).

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            Further information if it helps (SOMEONE must have a clue surely - I thought there were experts here?):


            1. Bell Bottom Laser is a TrueType font

            2. The layout pictured is a graphic containing grouped elements

            3. The characters in "WURLITZER" in the layout are all separate text fields, individually coloured, sized, and positioned.

            4. FMP Font preferences are:

            • Default = Roman, Helvetica
            • Synchronise input method... NOT checked
            • Use Font Locking - NOT checked

            5. The font displays "WURLITZER" correctly in FMP2, 4, and 6. But not FMP10 which was my next (current) upgrade.

            6. I'm running OS X 10.6.8 on a 2011 Core i5 iMac with 12GB RAM

            7. I can supply more information if required.


            Further clues:

            I created two temporary text fields in FMP10 and using COURIER (a proportional font) I typed out the alphabet in each, then lined them up so the W of the top field was over the F of the second field. This is what I got, checking each top row letter against the bottom:

            W = F, U = D, R = A.

            However, then it went wrong, as L = T not U (1 position out), and I = Q not R (ditto).

            Then it was back on track with T = C, Z = I, E = N, and R =A.


            It is therefore something to do with offsets?

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              I still don't know why this happened, but I have resolved it -


              in FMP6

              • I opened the "Old" (conversion-time) version of the file where it displays correctly
              • Ungrouped the layout components
              • Selected and Copied the "Wurlitzer" graphic

              in FMP10

              • I deleted the wrongly displayed graphic
              • Pasted the correct graphic from FMP6 where it displays CORRECTLY now


              That was so easy, I'm surprised no-one suggested it? But perhaps the "56 views" are all bots...

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                Fonts are controlled by the Operating System and you never mentioned which one you were using.  But since you said "Text Edit", I am going to assume you are using a Mac.  The Mac OS has MANY places where fonts can be stored and fonts can get corrupted.  And if you're using FMP10 or FMP6, then it is likely you are working on old hardware, which is more susceptible to some disk corruption.  The issue that often happens is that you have the same font in multiple places or of different types and by looking at it in an application, you can't tell which font it is using if they are the same font in different locations. 


                How are you managing fonts?  Have you looked to see if you have multiple versions of BellBottom?  What type of font is it?


                Also, working on older software and/or hardware has issues like this.  Any chance of considering upgrading to a new OS and FMP 14?

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                  No corruption. I'm using a (sort of) older 2011 Core i5 iMac, but it's not exactly ancient by modern standards (Moore's Law is rapidly slowing down - Core i5 iMacs are still being sold by Apple).


                  Font Book reports no problems with BellBottom, and as you can see from my graphic, it displays correctly in TextEdit and Typeset. Also in the older FMP6 version of the database (which I've now used to 'correct' the layout in FMP10).


                  I have a theory. It's a fact (isn't it?) that FileMaker is able to work with fonts that are not on the system, by mapping as close as it can? It's just possible that BellBottom hadn't transitioned from my pre-OS X systems to OS X when I got FMP10, and it therefore mapped the font incorrectly when converting from FMP6. Then I re-introduced BellBottom later and FMP10 showed the incorrect mapping, where it was correctly mapped in FMP6. Just a thought.




                  As far as I can see, more recent versions of FMP are all about managing databases across all your devices, as well as making working online easier. I have no devices, I don't upload any of my databases, and FMP10 does everything I want it to, and probably a lot more besides. You people tend to forget that whereas FMP has become a business tool by and large, it started out as a home user app - FMP2 was on the very first Mac I ever got, and I used it with enthusiasm to build database applications, later migrating to FMP4, then FMP6 for OS X, and finally FMP10 for "the future".


                  As for OS X 10.6 - this was the last version of OS X that was fully independent of iOS and was therefore the last version of the OS developed with only Macs in mind; it also preceded the ludicrous annual cycle of OS X releases where bugs don't all get ironed out before the next release makes some of your software inoperable. It is the "Windows XP" of Macs, only much better, and 7 or 8 years younger. I will use it as long as I can, but in my kitbag there is the install disk for Snow Leopard Server, and a copy of Parallels to run it in, when the day finally arrives that I upgrade to Mavericks (yes, I have a copy of that too...). I'd probably have done it before now, but I WILL NOT use any version of iTunes after iTunes 10.