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Select or Add Customer from FM14 - Recreate for 12?

Question asked by encoreandy on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by siplus


I currently use FM12 and FM12 server. It is financially impractical to purchase FM14 at this point in time however I am still learning from some of the demo files in FM14.


In the invoices solution it is possible to select a customer from a portal or click on the button to add a new customer straight from the popup window.


Is it possible to mimic this functionality in FM12. My specific use case is that I have a solution for a dance school and want to enrol a customer to a class


Classes table <-->Classes Enrolment Table <--> Customer table.


I would like to be able to either select a customer from the popup window, either a list or a portal, and if I don't find the person I want to be able to click the button to create the details of a new customer, and when I save/exit the layout it continues with the script to add the new customer to my class.


I hope this is clear and look forward to hearing any ideas from the community.


Kind regards