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Looking for a way to report a date range...Please help

Question asked by user311 on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2016 by rrrichie

I've got start date and end date drop down calendar created. I need to report using the source from "Field1" between the selected date range how many orders "Field2" have been created between the dates and put the total count in "Field3". "Field1" is an open text field with the persons name and there is some variance between entries like spaces and upper lower case entries since it was just and open field. I've used the filemaker example to create a script to find a date range but am having trouble pointing that script to the source "Field1" and reporting the count to "Field3". Any help would be appreciated. I've added a pic of the layout.


All the actual fields are just on a different layout for this report. Any help would be greatly appreciated.