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    Printer woes


      I know much has been written about printing in FMP, but I'm not sure that the question I have has been definitively answered. I seek advice from those with greater knowledge than I, which will be everybody.


      I have a need to print to two different printers, a label printer and a colour laser printer.  The label printer has few options and seems straight forward.  For the laser printer I would like to specify colour/no colour, landscape/portrait and a specific output tray.


      I have created a script with multiple If [Get(scriptparameter)]  statements and enclosed in each is;


      Print Setup [Restore, no dialogue]

      Print [ Restore: Selected Printer; no dialogue]


      The print script is called from the main script each time I need to send a print job.



      If I have just the two lines above in  a script, and call it from the Scripts Menu, it works as expected.


      However, called from the main script with a script parameter to define the printer output, it doesn't.  Not only does it not work, but it uses settings that I have no idea where they are coming from!!!  (e.g. trying to pull paper from the bypass tray which is empty )  I've set printer defaults at the Windows level, and by going to File, Print Setup in FMP, but no joy.


      What am I doing wrong???


      I don't have much hair left, but what there is, is rapidly ending up on my desk!


      Windows 7.0 Professional, 64 bit

      FMP Adv 14.0.4(10-27-2015)




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          I Might be able to answer my own question


          I cleared the 'specify print options' tick box for the 'Print' script step, and all is now sweetness and light in the world...


          Looks like I was trying to be too sure that the printer would do as I requested!