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    Dropdown List Help


      Hi There,


      I have a list of costs I would like to be able to find through a dropdown on a layout with a search. I have got this to work except it only searchs from the first word of the cost.


      For example if I have the follow costs;


      MDF 10x4

      MDF 8x4

      Painted MDF 10x4


      When I type in MDF and click the dropdown I only get the first two, not the last one in my list.


      Any help would be appreciated.





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          Not sure exactly what you are doing here...


          What are the values in the drop down based on? A fixed list? related items?


          Are you using an auto complete on this field?


          You may want to construct the list as :


          MDF Unpainted 10x4

          MDF Unpainted 8x4

          MDF Painted 10x4


          However, if you have a LOT of items to present in the drop down, then making some smarter drop down based on related field (gets a little more tricky).

          The point is, keeping consistency in the data structure may help you.

          Type|Description|Size for all products, makes life easier in the long run...


          good luck!

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            I think you only get the 2 hits becouse you search for mdf to start of text.. if you seached for *mdf* you would get all hits right ?

            As PeterWindle says above.. its really hard to understand what you are after..

            But am guessing you have like a selection of things.. and these things you have different sizes to choose from ?


            In that case i would probl make 3 tables with relations..

            1: View table

            2: list of items

            3: settings of these items. (like size etz)


            Then have a dropdown or a portal showing your options from the settings part.


            But am not sure, never done anything simular. =)

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              You won't be able to use type-ahead with a list like this, for the reason Stigge stated: The string doesn't begin with that. In order for this to work, you'd need to implement either a List view in a separate window, or use a portal and portal filtering / dedicated relationships (similar to Stigge's suggestion).

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                In your table of products (I'm assuming that stuff like "MDF 10x4" is a product of some sort), create a calculation field along these lines:

                     Components = Substitute ( ProductName; " "; "⁋" )

                Notice the space between that first pair of quotation marks. You can find the return character (⁋) as an insertable item in the "Specify Calculation" dialog:


                Return Character.jpeg


                This calculation will replace all of the spaces in ProductName with return characters. Thus, for example,

                     Painted MDF 10x4

                would be rejiggered as





                Then, instead of basing your drop-down value list on a connection to ProductName, base it on a connection to Components. Then when you type in "MDF", you'll get anything where "MDF" is on any of the lines of Components.

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                  Hi All,


                  Thank you for taking the time to help me.


                  We are a workshop that builds multiple items such as stages and furniture etc for installations. The dropdown list is our material list and has over 1000 items/costs. So its things like paint, screws, different types of timber at different sizes, laminates etc.


                  My overall goal is to have a solution that enables people to search/type into a dropdown and select an item that goes through to a quote where quantites are typed in and the price pulls through. This is how our excel sheet currently works.

                  What I need after that is the each section to be pushed through to a final quote as a line item.


                  I would like a production breakdown of a quote and then a client copy of a quote which is simpler.


                  The first step is getting the first quote section to work.


                  @Richard I have tried what you have suggested but I get a single 0 in the dropdown list and when I click it I get a message ''this action cannot be performed because this field is not modifable''


                  I have used the following;


                  Search Help = Substitute (Item; " "; "¶" )


                  Item being my Product field


                  Search Help being my New table.


                  @Stigge I have used the *MDF* but this just returns my whole list.


                  @Mike thanks I'll see if I can get @Richards method to work and if not do this.


                  Thanks again for your help. I'm quite excited about what FM so thank you for helping me out. I can see so many benefits but just getting it all to work is the hard bit!

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                    Sorry - correction


                    ' Search Help' being my new field in my table which will be the new drop down.

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                      You might run in to big problems if you keep thinking that you want it as excel ..I did that at start and since they dont have the same options you can build huge stuff, but the final dont work..made my share of that misstakes.


                      What is sounds like, you need to build seperate sections.


                      Section 1:

                      user choose type: what to build

                      then they can choose material to build from


                      Section 2:

                      user choose colour:

                      the options of colours are shown.


                      Section 3:

                      if the type is a sofa for example

                      user must choose fabrics and colour.


                      and at the end you calculate the total of it.



                      Am i even close to what you are building ? =D

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                        Here is a sample file that demonstrates what I think you want.