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Question on duplicating fields across layouts

Question asked by jbroderick57 on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by Blue22

I believe I saw a discussion close to my question about naming objects, however I don't know that will work on field duplication.


My question involves having multiple layouts with the same named fields. 


In my case, I have a layout that uses 4 columns of fields that each have 25 fields.  It's used as a worksheet for filling in information on different pages of a checklist style report output.


I may have as many as 30 of these layouts.  Apart copy/pasting each layout and then going into each field in each layout and then choosing the table to change the field, is there a faster method? 


Or is there a better strategy overall? 


Half of the 100 fields would be used as Merge Fields on a Worksheet Layout.  The other half will be to fill in information related to the merge field title.  Then the results of all of the entries will be used in a report output - up to the 30 pages described above.