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Download "Universal Search" and save yourself some coding

Discussion created by Julio Toledo on Feb 28, 2016

"Universal Search": Modular FileMaker code


The problem

Ever get tired of writing multiple FileMaker search scripts over and over whose only purpose is to automate different searches on different layouts, when the only difference between one search and another (besides your search terms, of course) is the context?


If you find yourself duplicating and modifying search scripts or search functions (script steps) within your larger scripts each and every time you want to run a query on a different layout, or on a different set of fields, or using different search terms, then this module is for you.


The solution

We're calling it "Universal Search",. With this module, you may never have to write another search script again. "Universal Search" is 100% reusable, modular search code. It can be used to run any number of search requests ("FileMaker" style or SQL), in any context (layout), using dynamically specified (not stored) search fields and search terms.


"Universal Search" is free and works on any FileMaker file you paste it into. It works locally as well as a Remote Procedure Call ("Perform Script On Server", on FileMaker Server 13 and up). It can execute your SQL queries or your traditional FileMaker search requests. It works on iOS and on the Desktop. It just works.


Download this free FileMaker template that will cut down your development time by eliminating repetitive code.

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