Syncing From offline iPad to Server

Discussion created by pjpique on Feb 29, 2016
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I have a question about the ability of syncing between an offline solution on an iPad and uploading the records to the server, my "Step 2" as I've been able to download assigned records to the iPad already.  I'm in the beginning stages of starting this process.  I have been able to import records to the server through my iMac by running a script on the local solution which opens the remote solution and then calls a script with the local location of the file to import.  No problems it works.


I tried to replicate this on my iPad, by using the get (filename), basically the path of the file on the iPad and putting that into my import script on the server.  However, it never seems to find it.  I was wondering if there is another way to locate the file on iPad, or maybe it is just locked and the server is unable to communicate with the iPad to find the path.  There is probably a trick. 



Thank you as always for your help.