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newbie: why does the portal not displaying the fields?scrs

Question asked by nasta on Feb 29, 2016
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I am using filemaker pro 12 in a mac OS X El Capitan and it's my first attempt to make a database.

I created a portal in my table "Inventory Traffic" and I would like it to use the data from another table called "Inventory".

In my Inventory I have three fields with popup menus specifying the items. These fields are "Raw Material", "Color", "Other Raw Material selections" so one, for example, can choose the raw material and its color for every particular order. I, now, want these fields to be shown in "Inventory Traffic" table through this portal. So I created all the needed fields again in "Inventory Traffic" (i.e. I made the Raw Materials field again in "Inventory Traffic" and I specified the other field in it as so: Inventory::Raw Materials), made a connection through a relationship between the two tables(you can see how in the screenshots)