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Lost Preview-like view in Browse

Question asked by TCMerrill on Feb 29, 2016
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One of my favorite improvements on moving from fp7 to p12 is that in using layouts that group records by SubSummaries, the Browse view includes those SubSummaries.  When I change the SubSummary within a record, that record relocates under the new SubSummary. Another way to put it, when I view a sorted list of records and change the content of a field that was part of the sort, the record moves to it's new location. Essentially "auto sorting"


Well, I was entering and editing data today and did something, some bogus keystroke combo, I'm not sure what and ... whammo ... I find my self in Preview mode on a different layout and displaying only one record. When I got back to where I was working, I'd lost that "Preview-like view" in Browse. It does still "Auto sort"


Any ideas how I can get that back?