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PDF Signing And Sizing - There Must Be A Better Way

Question asked by SteveFransen on Feb 29, 2016
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Patients need to sign an informed consent document to participate in a research study. The document is a PDF file, five pages long, and rarely, if ever, changes.


I insert each of the five pages into a long layout as separate PDF images, one below the other. A container field stores the patient's signature over the signature line that is present on the last image. After the patient signs, a PDF of the record is printed to a file ("TestPrintPDF.pdf") so the signature is "embedded" in that new PDF file. Then the "signed" new PDF file is inserted into an interactive container on a second layout.


Here's that part of the script:


All of this works but I have to adjust the scale (to 77%) in the Print Setup step and carefully align each of the five separate PDF images on the first layout so their size just fills each page in the new PDF file, and page breaks occur at the right places.


I suspect there's a better way to do this and appreciate any suggestions.