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Creating a conditional value list within a table

Question asked by simonpsmith on Mar 2, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by simonpsmith

I've been struggling to get my head around making conditional value lists, and all I've read up on them hasn't helped...


I have a "Staff" table which includes a "Job Title" field created as a checkbox set with 5 options. It was done this way as people can fall under more than one title. One of these titles is "Supervisor". There is also a "Current" field, created as a radio button set, to indicate if these staff members are current or not (options of "Y" or "N").


In one of the tabs I've set up on the layout I have an area which relates to the staff member's supervision record, and I want to be able to call on a list that ONLY includes current members of staff that have supervisor status, but cannot get it clear in my mind how best to do this.


Can someone help please?