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    Import Script performance from Windows is very slow



      My scenario is, when I used to RUN a Import (Folder with Import only the reference) script from a iMac mini to remote Windows File server, it used to take 4-8 hours. But when started using the same script from Same server(Windows), it started to take more than 24 hours. Only things I have changed:

      • Import from Windows FS ( Files of type Windows from OS X)
      • Modified the Folder location to local server.

      Any suggestions or known issues..


      Pls note: Previously we used Filemaker 10-11 now using 13-14 in both client server. The old Mac was OS X (10.5.8) with FM Advanced 10. And the old remote server was a Physical windows 2008 server with FM 10 server running as well as Fileserver to hold the files which where been imported as reference.

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          There are a number of changes there.

          The FileMaker file has gone through a conversation from the .fp7 format to the .fmp12 format among other changes.

          I'd be looking at the solution and seeing what has changed there during the .fp7 to .fmp12 conversion.

          Second I would look at the changes in the network/file storage.

          The fact that it is Windows or Mac shouldn't make a difference, if you have access to a Mac machine I'd assume that you would see the same slow performance on your new filemaker files.