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Suggestions wanted - invoicing project

Question asked by Stigge on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2016 by Stigge

Hi guys and girls.. me again =) sorry..


Now i have come to the next part in my project.. and i dont know how to proceed.

This step is in short:

I have an Archive with all details with the following (important) fields:

  • Teranga (company unit)
  • Period (time of just that invoice detail
  • Service
  • Costs
  • Total Costs (summery of Costs)

From this archive i need to present in a graf based on period and different units. So i have created another table, named it "Archive summery" and need to fill the fields:

  • Teranga
  • Period
  • Summery


So, from my Arvhive i need to collect Teranga and Period and then calculate how much the costs was in total that Period. The archive only has each service line, so one period for one teranga can be 100-1000 records in there.


So my idee, (just in theory) is to collect a teranga, period and sum and import it to the Archive Summery table. if i break it down a bit i would find unique Teranga with unique Period and transfer it over, then do a search and use the Total Summery field to set the "Summery" field. But how do i do that ?? :/

I have all the Teranga in a valueList, so that i have used before to know what Terangas to look for. and the Periods are from 2010-01 to today and are always written in the format "YYYY-MM".


And as soon as i manage to get all over there i need to make it somehow automatic to fill out the coming periods.


I have the Theory, but absolutly no idee right now how to execute it :/ would love some pointers if anyone have any idees. =)