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using selected portal records in another portal

Question asked by kwzellers on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by siplus

I don't have a lot of knowledge about Filemaker just some basic functions and scripts.  I work on a vegetable farm and made a database to keep track of each sowing we plant.  Each sowing has a portal with anywhere from 1 - 5 crops planted and details (ex.- field, beds, acres...).  I now need to build onto this database to keep track of anything we spray on the crops that we have planted.  I need to be able to make selections by individual crops as all the crops in a sowing are not always sprayed with the same thing.  Also, a spray record often includes more than just one sowing, therefore I need to be able to choose crops from multiple sowings. 


My idea is to somehow sort the list of crops (portal records) by field # and make check box selections from there and have that populate a new portal on my "Spray List" table.  I need it to import/copy multiple fields (ex. - sowing #, crop, variety, field, acres...).  I would also need the check boxes cleared and ready to use to create my next "Spray List" record and some crops may be sprayed more than once.  It would also be helpful to sort the list to make selections by date, and/or have a harvested check box, because we will have 2 - 3 rotations of crops in the same season.


Any help or new ideas are greatly appreciated!  Thank you!