Your Blocker and Your Solution?

Discussion created by jbrown Expert on Mar 1, 2016
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Today I was blocked by a particular problem and couldn't find the resolution. After some dwelling, cursing, and testing, I figured it out. In retrospect, it was a simple fix and something I should have known right away.


Since we all have two things in common: humanity, and FileMaker work, I assume many of you also get blocked and then unblock yourself. So what was it?


I'll start:


I was working with a virtual list. I'd generate the data needed and then try to sort the records. Since the sort was on an unstored calculation field (I know, I know, not the best method, but in this case, we're giving it a try), I was having trouble getting the sort to work the first time, during the script. The sorting was not correctly causing the break fields to show up. The 2nd time I sorted it (command + S), it worked just fine.

Cue the cursing and testing


Finally I figured out that it had to do with the relationship being cached. Since the virtual list was a report, and since the tester was doing report after report, the relationship wasn't being refreshed to child tables where the data was being grabbed for the unstored calc field upon which the sort was happening. . I did have a "refresh Window" script step in there, but it was in the wrong place. It needed to be BEFORE the sort. Duh, am I right?



Okay, now your turn.