FileMaker Server Developer licence with 3 concurrent web connections

Discussion created by pvilloz on Mar 1, 2016
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It seems that the FileMaker Server for Developers doesn't allow more than 1 simultaneous connection.

We try to connect from another IP or from another Browser, but the annoying error message appears.

The server is hosted on a MacMini with MacOSX 10.11.3.


The maximum user connection is reached on this server

(Le nombre maximum de connexions d'utilisateurs à ce serveur a été dépassé).

The server is correctly set up with the 3 concurrent web connections of 3.

Has anybody an Idea how to make this "free" server running with 3 connexions?



Filemaker server developer description:


Please note that the Development License only allows up to three simultaneous FileMaker Pro 14 and three simultaneous web-based clients for Custom Web Publishing, and one FileMaker WebDirect connection to access hosted FileMaker solutions. For FileMaker Server 14 Development License system requirements.