What makes a strong developer community?

Discussion created by mark_baum on Mar 1, 2016
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Dear FileMaker community,


I'm excited to be attending Pause on Error this month (March 13 to 15 in Cleveland)! There I'll be leading a group discussion on "What makes a strong developer community?" 

I'd like to begin that conversation here, to help me prepare for the session and also because it's important to me to involve you in the conversation. On this thread, I'm interested our sharing about the developer communities we have created or been part of:


  • What approaches have worked well for us
  • What approaches haven't worked well
  • What we need from each other
  • What we can offer each other
  • How we can connect with each other in new ways to support our work


I have two important requests:


  1. I'd like to keep the overall tone positive and sincerely seeking answers to the question at hand. I especially want to avoid the trap of falling into a technical critique of this official Jive-hosted FileMaker Community. Please continue to share your technical issues in the FileMaker Community Feedback area, and we'll keep working on resolving them. But of course, please do share about your experiences in this community as they provide insight into the bullet points above.

  2. I don't want to limit this discussion to the official FileMaker community, or even about FileMaker communities in general. I'd like to learn from your experiences with any developer communities that help to illuminate the question.


Additionally, if you have special expertise in organizing developer communities and are interested in brainstorming with me offline, please send me a private message as well.


Thank you I'm very interested to see where this goes!