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Workaround wanted for slow Themes and Styles in FileMaker 13

Question asked by Licorice on Mar 2, 2016
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I am working on a client solution after upgrading it from FileMaker 11 to FileMaker 13. The client at this times does not have or want FileMaker 14. The files were originally created in FileMaker 6 or earlier. I have done the consolidation from one of the bigger files of the original solution. Initially I had chosen an existing Theme for the layouts, since I was only asked a proof of concept for the consolidation.


Now that we have passed that station I have been asked to do a redesign using the client's House Style Manual.


I am running into vast VAST performance problems when applying the new client theme.

I have to create it from scratch but as the development continues I have more and more styles in place for the different layout objects.

Whenever I click an object I am faced with the spinning wheel of patience for sometimes up to ten seconds. I know that this is a reported issue in FileMaker 13 so I guess I am stuck with it for now.


I am tempted open the solution and do the layouts in FileMaker 14 - I have seen that this issue was fixed in the latest version. But I hesitate because FileMaker 14 handles Themes and Style slightly differently or so I have been told. I don't want to risk making it worse.


So I wonder.... does anybody have any experience with this issue in a consolidated and upgraded file?


I also wonder if there is a known number of styles within a theme that will cause the performance to get worse. I hate the Inspector pane with a passion because it will not resize and acts up when there is a long list of different object styles. I love that once the themes are installed changing the user interface goes really smoothly. But it comes at a price when you are forced to work with FileMaker 13 because the client has not moved to the newest version yet :{


Here are some things I checked:


-how many windows are open when I see the slow-down? (no issues there, it happens in a single window)

-it happens both in old layouts and in new layouts where I have to point to objects and set them


The file is hosted on a FileMaker 14 server, I access it through wifi in our own office network.



Any input is much appreciated!