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    2 portals on one layout


      Hello I am writing a DB to track chemical usage on fields of crops grown on my farm.

      It has evolved over time and is becoming more complex.

      If I explain that I have a recommendation table (Rec) that relates to a mix table  and I want to apply these chemicals to a group of fields (application table).

      What I want to achieve is putting the 4 chemicals on each field (EH7 and AV1) and later displaying all the chemicals displayed on any given field.

      The Mix ID should be the same for each field but as you can see it is not.

      I have no doubt that the problem lies in the relationships between the portals/tables .

      If anyone would be kind enough to have a look I would be most grateful .Screenshot (85).pngScreenshot (86).png


      Harry F

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          Yes, your relational setup is almost certainly the problem. Before making any recommendations, however, I would need to know what these tables represent.


          Recommendation = ?

          Mix = ?

          Application = ?

          Field = ?


          You mention "chemicals". Is each record in Mix a chemical? A blend of chemicals? Does each Application record represent a single application of a given mix of chemicals?


          What are "EH7 and AV1"?


          Part of getting the right answer is asking the right question. You know what you're talking about. Doesn't mean the rest of us do.  

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            I sent a huge long reply but I can't see it now

            Did it get to you ??


            Harry F

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              Guess not. It's not present on the forum.


              Jive gets a little confused sometimes. It's happened to me occasionally.

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                looks like it got lost

                here it is again-

                Please ask as many questions as you like


                Recommendation table = this contains the information given to me by the man who walks the farm fields

                                                          looking for  pests, disease and nutritional needs of a crop see example hereScreenshot (88).png

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                  Well, that answers the first question (sort of; still not sure what this is telling me). What about the others?

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                    Mix table -  this contains details of the chemicals selected for the job (Recommendation)this example has 4 different  chemicals selected from a product  table each with its own application rate .and looked up chemical group


                    Application table - This is where the job is done to each field (Land Parcel) the date and field ID such as EH 7 is recorded as well as the actual spray area the 4 products were applied to.


                    Field table - this is the table that contains the Land parcel details such as crop growing land parcel name such as EH 7, AV 1


                    By "blanket" treating a field such as EH 7 I can apply the four chemicals all at once Screenshot (87).png


                    My goal is to produce a report that records as follows


                    Field No     Date        Product used              type                Rate applied    ha sprayed    units used       cost/Ha

                    EH 7           3/2/16     Man Mag Humate     Foliar Feed             2                        2.2            4.4             £18.08

                    EH 7           3/2/16        Movon                   Cereal Herbicide     0.5                     2.2            1.1             £26.40

                    EH 7           3/2/16       Oxytril                     Cereal Herbicide      1                       2.2            2.2             £15.81

                    EH 7            3/2/16   Hallmark Zeon           Insecticide             0.05                     2.2           0.11            £3.85


                    With this I can then store records for each land Parcel (Field) and cost the applications

                    We English farmers call the land parcels fields which can be confusing when talking about Data bases !


                    I hope that I have made things a little clearer


                    Harry F

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                      Americans and Englishmen ... two people separated by a common language.  


                      So the Mix table contains one record per chemical (like line items for Application)?


                      What's the difference between Application and Recommendation? Don't they both describe a job?

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                        Recommendation records what the boss suggests  to put on a group of fields.

                        Applications is what the tractor driver actually puts on which field on what date some days later and records the actual Ha (size)

                        Some fields may be part sprayed and on different days so this has to be recorded accurately .

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                          So an Application is based on a Recommendation? Like a template, or something?


                          And what does each Mix record represent?


                          Edit: The reason I'm asking all these questions is because I think we need to back up and look at your data model. I don't think your Relationships Graph is set up correctly, but I don't want to start ripping things up until we're on firm ground.

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                            Yes Like a template          a good way of thinking of it


                            Each recommendation can be a  combination of anything from 1 chemical to 7 chemicals (each mix record) each with its own group (looked Up) and varying rate of application. This template is then applied to a field eg EH 7

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                              Sorry just spotted a mix is based on a recommendation not an application as in your last post

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                                I have to leave for home now as it is 6:15pm

                                will check in in the morning


                                Thanks for your time


                                Harry F