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dropdown box to trigger multiple visible fields on tab

Question asked by krexius on Mar 2, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2016 by Stephen Huston

Newbie here, trying to get a proof of concept out for the team.


I'm creating a product catalog database from scratch (currently 220 individual products, and growing).  Have a layout setup to show product family and some relevant info on the left, and a tabbed panel on the right.  One of the tabs is for product configurations (different sizes, additives, etcs) and pricing for that product family.  I have this working fine for a single price list - but we sell through distribution partners, each with their own pricing and even product availability.  So I would like for the tab to have a dropdown box to select a distributor, which updates the tab to show the available configurations and pricing for that distributor only.

FMP fig1.jpg

Currently, each distributor (we have around 20 at the moment) has its own excel sheet with Catalog#, description, transfer cost, list price as fields.  Transfer cost and list price will be different for each one (and some products are not available for all distributors). Looking for support on best way to implement this, or to just point me at another thread or resource.  I greatly appreciate any help!


Thank you!