FM_Sample insecure?

Discussion created by worldcloud on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2016 by taylorsharpe

I have seen that many users say that the FM_Sample file is insecure and that it should be removed from all servers. We typically allow Data Entry access. We realize that it is possible/ likely that users will create bogus/ test records in this file; but it is so easy to script the replacement of this file that it's not a big deal.



the reason we like it is that when a client calls with 'Your server isn't working', we can use the FileMaker Technology Test Pages. These are a 'known' standard that clients trust more than custom pages that we have created. We typically attempt to avoid debugging solutions which we don't even have access to. If we can prove that WebDirect (example) is working on the server, then the conversation changes.


if/ when we close this file, Then users have links on a 'FileMaker defined page' (https:serverURL:16000) that no longer works. When a first time user starts to 'play' with these pages, we feel that it is a bad thing for them to find broken links in the first minutes on having their account.


We have some thoughts/ solutions on this topic; but I'm curious to see why the community feels that Data Entry guest access is so dangerous on the FM_Sample file...