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    Fields - name list


      I have database with 1 tabel and several layouts . First layout have 14 fields - ID, Const, and 12 fields (month named) with values (numbers). And  layouts named Client 1, Client 2 , .......... Each Client layout have set of IDs (from main layout).

      Can i make in Clients layout, 2 fields and to make choice with drop down menu or something , which values to show from month fields from layout 1. For example Client 1 with set of ID and two Fields which i choose which values to show (January, February, March............) .


      I hope I explained it well.

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          Make a value list with custom value (month names)

          User select one on a field

          Get value using

          Evaluate ( "tableName::" theFieldUserChooseAMonth )


          But, totally I feel something bad building of database structure, seeing "layout named Client 1,..."

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            I have one tabel with filed IDs of powermeters and other 12 field wiht registers of power meters at 00:00 HH on 1 Janyary, February, March........  Anad I have other tables with Clients. Each clients have numbuer of powermeters - 1, 2, 5, 20. To calculate energy consumption (example August) i have to substract registers from 1 September and 1 Agust. I want to make labels with Client 1, Client 2........ and to calculate the consumption energy for different period (months) which I have chosen......

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              I can't handle