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Recommended FileMaker hosting services?

Question asked by douglerner on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by douglerner

I curious about peoples' experiences with FileMaker server hosting services. We're looking for a reliable one now for a project. The developer working with me gave me a list of a few, and one that looks promising is FMPHost (FileMaker Pro Database, Cloud & Server Hosting - FMPHost).

Anybody here have experiences with them?

Any other recommendations?

Any tips on what I should definitely be looking for in a FM server hosting service?

The most important points for me are:

  • Robust serving (though only a handful of people will be accessing, the database will be on the large side and we would like speedy search results).
  • Good backups.
  • Easy to communicate with for support issues.

I'm not look for "rock bottom prices." I'm more interested in a good, reliable, trustworthy service.

Any other features/services I should be looking for?