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    Recommended FileMaker hosting services?


      I curious about peoples' experiences with FileMaker server hosting services. We're looking for a reliable one now for a project. The developer working with me gave me a list of a few, and one that looks promising is FMPHost (FileMaker Pro Database, Cloud & Server Hosting - FMPHost).

      Anybody here have experiences with them?

      Any other recommendations?

      Any tips on what I should definitely be looking for in a FM server hosting service?

      The most important points for me are:

      • Robust serving (though only a handful of people will be accessing, the database will be on the large side and we would like speedy search results).
      • Good backups.
      • Easy to communicate with for support issues.

      I'm not look for "rock bottom prices." I'm more interested in a good, reliable, trustworthy service.

      Any other features/services I should be looking for?



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          Doug -


          We have been providing professional FileMaker hosting services since 1999.  Feel free to contact me privately for more information.


          - John

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            I have used several of the hosting companies.  When I have had problems, usually it has been more with billing than it has been with the service.  Some put too many solutions on one server and that can impact services.  But most offer dedicated solutions if you want to avoid that problem, it just costs more.  Lately I have been using FMPhost.com and they seem to do pretty well.  The benefits are having someone else manage the server, backups, power supply, etc. 


            You may note that FileMaker has made a bit of a splash with the hosting community by recently posting end user licensing changes that will take effect on FileMaker 15 requiring that you not host more than one company on a server.  The reason supposedly revolves around improved security.  But a good hosting company should not have allowed these security problems to begin with, but a few of the hosting companies were not as good as others.  Most really are pretty good, but there have been bad apples. 


            So the idea of really cheap shared hosting is probably going away, which will mean both better security and higher hosting costs.  Regardless, I assume most of these hosting companies will offer dedicated server support for FileMaker Server 15, just expect the associated costs. 

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              Hi Taylor,


              Thanks for the detailed information.


              I did not notice the information about changes in hosting licenses.


              One thing I'm concerned about is how we're going to do the API needed from our non-FM server to the FM server. It looks like that needs to be done via FM's XML Publishing feature. I wonder how close that is to standard XML-RPC.


              We have been using XML-RPC which conforms to the standard here:




              What we have been doing was sending data via XML-RPC to a 3rd party server which then massaged the data and sent it on to Zoho. But the part where they send the data on to Zoho never really worked out well, and we decided to give FileMaker a try instead and cut out the middle server. That has been working well, and we need to start hosting now. But we will need to adapt the API scripts we wrote for the other server to work with FileMaker instead.

              Plus we have one server-side plugin.

              I did contact FMPHost and they were quick to reply. They recommended their $39 shared tier of service. I've asked for followup info because I'm a bit skeptical that it will be ok on a shared tier and wonder if one of their dedicated VPS tiers isn't more suitable in our case. I'm waiting to hear back now.

              John, about PointInSpace - don't you have a pricing chart available somewhere like the other services do, rather than talking on a case-by-case basis?

              Thanks, everybody!


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                Most hosting companies will not let you install a script on a shared server.  All the more reason to go to your own server where you can put what you need on it and be in total control.  It just costs more is all.  FYI, I've been doing a lot more FM development work integrating FM with web APIs using Base Elements and MBS.  It is impressive how well FM can work with these APIs and the power there is in many of them. 

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                  I have been a very satisfied customer of MacStadium.  Unlike the other hosting companies, these people RENT Mac Mini servers and I find that much better than a cloud server arrangement such as Amazon.  Renting, vs. buying, makes a lot of sense because you can upgrade to newer operating systems easily or migrate from one machine to another without having to sell old equipment and buy new replacement hardware.


                  In effect, you're running your own machine on their backbone.

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                    Hello guys.

                    I would recommend our Hositng service that covers also the US.


                    7/30 backups or redundant.

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                      Where are you based douglerner ?

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                        I myself am located in Tokyo. The customer of ours who is using the FM solution is located in Princeton, NJ. We ended up going with FMPHost quite a long while ago now (this thread is old) and we have been satisfied with them so far. No problems.