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    bBox v0.82 runs Python, Ruby, PHP, shell, AppleScript plus SQLite, XPath


      Beezwax has released bBox v0.82, an update to the free FileMaker utility plug-in.


      bBox provides a toolbox of functions which extend the reach of your Mac OS X-based FileMaker solutions to programs, code libraries, or OS X functions that are normally outside your reach in native FileMaker:


      Python • PHP • AppleScript • Ruby • Perl • shell scripts • SQLite • XPath


      There are now 160 examples in the bBox demo file. Some of the 20 examples added for v0.82 demonstrate how to:


      • use XlsxWriter to create Excel files with formatting & calcs
      • use the SQLite fmevaluate function
      • run a PHP script
      • extract field names used in FileMaker layouts
      • do LDAP & dscl lookups
      • perform basic SMTP email sending
      • parse JSON weather data from a web API
      • use xhtml2pdf to create PDF files from FileMaker data or HTML


      Some of the new capabilities in bBox v0.82 include:


      • XPath returns error messages with bBox_LastError
      • XPath can now return results with no nodes
      • XPath no longer attempts to register the same namespace multiple times
      • Python now returns compilation error messages with bBox_LastError
      • ExecuteSQL now clears error after a successful call
      • SQLite engine now has fmevaluate function


      In addition, other developers have built example solutions using bBox, including:


      JavaScript-driven PDF Reports in FileMaker using AngularJS


      You can get more details on the bBox plug-in and its functions at http://beezwax.net/bbox