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    Password entry field for web direct


      Does anyone have a good workaround for a password-type entry field that works in web direct?


      I worked out a rather nice one (if I do say so myself) that works in FMP, but then at the very last minute found the note in help that says Get ( ActiveSelectionSize ) doesn't work on web direct ( ) so I'm back to square one.


      Working on a change password layout, and also trying to create a layout for login, but also with the expected "forgot password" and "create new account" screens. I have the scripts and so forth for validating, creating and modifying the (real, FM) accounts, but I need the user to enter a password (or desired new password) in a global to pass to my scripts, without someone watching over their shoulder and seeing the pw in plain text.


      Happy to share my widget if anyone needs it in something other than web direct, but hoping someone else can save me starting over on this for a wd-compatible one.


      Chris Cain


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          Hi Chris


          Can you use a custom dialog (with "Use password character)? 


          I've got a WebDirect solution with a few non-ActiveDirectory users.  They log in as Guest (minimal access) and immediately get a custom dialog for their login.  It works well.






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            Ditto, Joel's comment. I love the fact that dialogs work in Web Direct. They were not available in IWP. Logins may not be the only time you need this "hidden display", so use the dialog option when desired.


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              And ditto, Bev's comment :-) 

              Another really nice thing about custom dialogs in WebDirect is that buttons will stretch (widen) to fit their text!

              Also, long Messages are scrollable(!), although if Mac scrollbars are hidden (at OS level), then users likely won't know there's more to see.


              (bonus points for anyone that recognizes the text in the Message in the screenshot ;-)


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                The text is from War and Piece... Thank's to Google .

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                  Could you share details of how you did this?

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                    Hi Julia


                    The main idea is that the user gets greeted with a custom dialog with two fields: username & password.  When they click the dialog's "Log in" button, FileMaker does a search in a "users" table for an exact match of both fields (exact so that "joe" won't also find "joel", etc.)  If a match is found, then you let the person continue into the database.  If no match is found, you give them other chances to log in.  If they can't log in successfully, they can't get any further into the database.


                    In my situation, there were some WebDirect users who had real accounts (in the database or in ActiveDirectory) and some who only had records in the "users" table, so I had to first present everyone with the standard WebDirect login.  The people without a real account were told they need to first select "Guest Account" and then they'd get the custom dialog.  If none of your users will have real accounts and all will just have records in the database, then you can skip this step and allow only Guest access to WebDirect.


                    I'm not able to put a copy of my file up as a sample, but here are screenshots of the key parts:


                    Since I'm allowing regular-account logins as well as user-record logins, my "opening script" (set as OnFirstWindowOpen script trigger) runs the custom-dialog login script ("Login_Non-ActiveDirectory") as a subscript.  If you don't need this step, you could put the login script as part of the opening script.




                    Here's the main script:

                    (note: my "users" table is actually called "Coach")



                    Also, I recommend that you set the password field to be stored as Unicode so that it is case-sensitive (normal FileMaker finds disregard upper/lower case)



                    Hope that's helpful.






                    Joel Shapiro

                    FileMaker Pro

                    : database design

                    : web development



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                      Thanks much!  I'll be giving this a go in the next several days, hopefully